Sunday, August 29, 2004

Steve's got worms

Steve has got a new page dedicated to the progress of his wormery, located on the Trelawney Estate, which is not in Cornwall. The worm site's gonna be a slow burner.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Welcome to Euroblather, the blog. About time I started to get a central location for all my photos, etc. Hopefully this will now occur.

Anyhow, for Pix of the recent Danny & Aurelie Wedding super-extravaganza, clickez-vous right here

For pix of my Franco road trip leading up the wedding, go right here.

Here's my general photo album.

And here is , a site the ALP UK Society has just launched aimed at making sure Australian expats vote to get out Howard in the upcoming election. Double check your enrolment (and pass the address around) NOW. This election's gonna be close, and very important.

More to come as I get the time. Cheers for now, SP