Saturday, May 31, 2008

Afternoon on the Derwent

Rob & Tim & I took Rob's boat out from Geilston Bay this afternoon for a spot of Bream fishing. 'Twas great...I think the first time I've been out fishing on the river for quite some years. While my re-christened beginner's luck wasn't really up to what it shoulda been (ie I caught nothing), Rob managed to score first with a two pound plus Bream.

Tim quickly followed with a (foul hooked) mullet, followed by a couplea cocky salmon and a couple of flathead. It was spurely a sporting trip...everything got thrown back...mainly cos it ain't safe to eat fish from the Derwent.

Anyway, great afternoon with a couple of beers, and as is only possible in Hobart, it was four hours from walking out the door to getting home.

There's some more photos of the voyage here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Warporn and other images

My mate Adam, who's been putting out various forms of art for at least a couple of decades has gone cyber. His (almost complete) website showcases a fair bit of his stuff, from his "1% of Waterloo" exhibition piece (a plasticene recreation of the Battle of Waterloo, with 1% of the total number of soldiers) to some of his early and quite dark clay work to his amazing scale model warships (the one in the picture here is about four feet long, and floats) to his latest effort "Warporn", which is a series of graphic recreations of war scenes, shot in his West Hobart backyard. Check out his website at

Friday, May 09, 2008

Return of the Weekend BBQ

To celebrate the demise of John Howard's Workchoices legislation and associated AWA's, the Tasmanian Labor Team had a "Return of the Weekend BBQ" event on Sunday May 4. Special guest was Bill Shorten, MP. Michael & I BBQ'd 250 Woolies snags, a personal record.

There's some more photos here.