Sunday, June 15, 2008

See them being made

All that talk of pigs and associated food products got the better of me when I saw slabs of pigskin down at woolies for $4 a kilo! I'd always wanted to make my own pork scratchings, so that I did. Luckily Braz came round to visit, as I'd left them in the oven and forgotten about them...cue a kitchenful of smoke and hot bubbling pigfat about to do what hot pigfat does.

Anyhow, who's for a coronary?

Gone down to Gordons Knob

Tim & Katie & I went down to Duncan & Jeannie's place at Gardeners Bay for a Saturday night feed. Part of the property is a hill called "Gordon's Knob". It's a beautiful piece of land, with a great house and dams, sheds and all sorts of rural kinda stuff. Some of it used to be a vineyard, but is now rapidly getting back to virgin bushland. Star of the show undoubetdly is Darcy the sow, a very sociable one year old, 120kg pig. For the knackery Darcy is not destined. Her primary role will be kids entertainer (people stop by her field to say hello), and matriach of all the yummy bacon, ham and sausage producers she will undoubetdly mother. Katie & I have seen Hugh Fearnley Whittinstall's Pig in a Day, and are keen to sponsor one of the piglets. Yummy.

For dinner, Tim whipped up a massive paella, and Jeannie conquered all with her English Onion soup and apple crumble dessert. In bed, stuffed by midnight. I think we'll be regular visitors down the knob.