Friday, July 27, 2007

Beasts Of Bourbon/Jim Jones Revue, Underworld, Camden 26.7.2007

A bunch of Swamp Rock aficionados gathered at the (smoke free) pit that is The Underworld last night to pay homage to the reformed Beasts of Bourbon launch their new album, Little Animals. With superb support from the straight out fifties rock of The Jim Jones Revue, Tex, Spencer and the boys were on blistering form. Age hasn't wearied Tex, his face is slightly less gaunt, but he still belts it out like a wounded animal. Anyway, it was loud and torrid, with quite a bit of new stuff, which stood up quite well with the classics "Dropout" and "Chase The Dragon" that really got the crowd hammering.

My ears are still ringing from the front row onslaught.

Friday, July 20, 2007

London's flooding, London's flooding, Water water, water water.

It's the midlle of July. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. At midday today, it was so dark that the street lights came on. Now it's absolutely caning down with rain. Our office building is shipping water thru the electrical plant room. Mobile networks and Satellite TV have gone down. Luckily beer is pumped manually this side of the globe....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drum Roll Please

I've just finished wading through the reams of entries generated by last month's caption contest, set around the above picture. For the full list of entries, click here.

But down to the important part, the prizes for best caption. there were a coupe that tickled my fancy, namely:

  • Iam from Hackney: "Where's that paddle?"
  • Simon from Sydney:"Shredders working overtime/Tryin to taste the difference/Tween a lemon and a lime"
But I do feel the simplest is often the best, therefore I am awarding the prize of two bottles of the Real Ale of your choice* to:

Holly from Sydney for "Dodgy Dossier Dump"

Holly nervously awaits the verdict at last night's glittering ceremony.

Congratulations Holly, Drop me a line here at Euroblather Central with your pick*, and two bottles of finest British Real Ale will soon be winging their carbon burning way to your doorstep.

*Prize must be easily obtainable at local off licence or Supermarket.

Tour de France Prologue

A bunch of us found our way down to Hyde Park a couple of weekends ago to watch the Prologue of the Tour de France. It was quite spectacular watching the various competitors race against the clock in one minute intervals. We perched ourselves at the top corner of the course, just before they turned to hurtle down the Serpentine, down towards the place where the ruler of our empire lives (when she just HAS to be in London, it's so dreary and full of commoners you know), and up to the finish line in The Mall.

Of course, we furnished ourselves with ample provisions, and ate and drank our way merrily until the sun went down.

There's an album full of pics (action shots by Dave) here.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Last Gasp

Katie and Don savour one of their last legal cigarettes in a pub, at The Shakespeare on Saturday night. From opening time on July 1, smoking is illegal in all public enclosed spaces in the UK. I'm all for it, as long as they don't make the ale their next target!

My New Iron Horse

Click pic for full size.
After six years of faithful (and un-stolen) service, I've pensioned off my Claud Butler bike for a brand spanking new Specialized Globe Comp Hybrid. It's nice and light, with carbon forks and larger wheels. And it's driven through a Shimano Nexus eight speed internal gearbox, which I'm finding quite responsive and speedy so far, definitely a step up from the 3 speed t bar on the Roadmaster dragster of my youth. It's excellent being able to shift gears at low speed while weaving through the traffic,or stopped at the lights (I do stop at lights!).

I bought it on the government's "Cycle to Work" scheme, where I basically buy the bike over twelve months as a salary sacrifice. Combine the twelve easy payments with no VAT and income tax deductions, it means about a forty percent saving on the cost of the bike. A great scheme for getting people's bums in saddles. I'm co-ordinating the scheme at KLP, and am the first to buy a bike (of course!).