Thursday, August 27, 2009

As any good Hobartian knows.....'d best not have your car parked at the Domain when faced with this view at lunchtime.

In a not totally unrelated story, I know a bloke who was chained to the mooring rings on these steps at low tide and left there for the day as part of his buck's celebrations.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Only in Tassie

This is the courtesy shuttle at Forestry Tasmania's Tahune Airwalk attraction:
(click image for full view, cos blogger don't work proper)

To quote a mate of mine: "You can just imagine Paul Lennon behind the wheel going 'welcome to Fantasy Island'......."

Wonder if it was confiscated from an unfortunate protester?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Visit to Two Metre Tall Brewery

Click on images for full size.

Dani & Ant, Katie & I tripped out past New Norfolk on the banks of the Derwent today on a real ale pilgramage to Jane & Ashley Huntington's Brewery, Two Metre Tall. I first ran into 2MT at the Hobart Beer Festival in 2007, and we've been trying to get out to their HQ ever since, but it took CAMRA loyallists' Dani & Ant's visit to get us in the Mercedes and steam out to Plenty.

It's a compact operation, but pumps out some amazing product, from the Derwent Clear Ale, to the (Beautiful) Cleansing Ale, and the Oyster Stout that they contract brew for the Barilla restauarant near the airport (it's made with real oysters, shell n all!).

Jane & Ashley are most hospitable folk, and we totally recommend that you give them a dial and go visit. Otherwise, their product is on tap in a few pubs and restaurants around the state.

I don't know if the inhabitants of the Hayes Jail Farm down the road are lucky enough to get a barrel here and there though.

Top marks all round!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My two cents

For those not in Tasmania, my letter to the editor relates to the redevelopment of the old Princes Wharf #1 shed on Hobart's waterfront, and Premier David Bartlett's vision for Tasmania to become a beacon of renewable energy:
Seeing as the Princes Wharf shed roof is going to be replaced, what are the options for supplementing the energy needs of the building by making the roof structure a massive solar energy collector?

Scott Plimpton
West Hobart

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Banner ad, F.A.R.T. style

F.A.R.T. Forest Art Renaissance Team MR
This morning, the Forest Art Renaissance Team (F.A.R.T.) pinned a banner the size of a double decker bus, that’s equivalent to 19,047.619 cigarette papers, onto the billboard perched 7 storeys on top of the Fountainside Hotel on the way into Hobart’s CBD.

Full story here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Today on Sullivan's Cove

Lifting a new catamaran onto a freighter for (presumably) a long distance delivery. Who says Hobart's a dead port?