Monday, March 31, 2008

Settled in the West of the South

Gday all, we've finally set up house in boho West Hobart. Not quite as many prams as Stoke Newington, but that's cos everybody's drivin their progeny round in a Subaru. We do have The Hill Street Grocer (part of the Axis of Evil) five minutes walk away...a must for your fresh organic purple sprouting broccoli and nine dollar bucket of pasta salad.....we love it! Oh, and we've got The Lansdowne Cafe twenty seconds from the back door...great coffee and eggs ben, seven days a week. Not to mention what could be the best pizzeria and videomats in town just round the Crescent. Oh, times they are a-grand!

We've got Duncan and Jeannie, exiles from the Duchy of Cornwall staying with us at the moment. They've decided to swap the force eight gales of Portreath for the relative comfort of eleven degrees and drizzle in Hobart. Well that's today. Tommorrow there could be bushfires.

Anyhow, drop round and try some of me homebrew. Katie and I trudged up the mountain to get the water 'n all.

For those of you that can't get around pronto, there's a real-estate style photo presentation right here.

ps there's a housewarming in the offing real soon, by the way.