Friday, May 06, 2005

London Swingfonia

Last Thursday saw Harry Martin and the London Swingfonia strutting their stuff at The Boston in Tufnell Park. A bit of a different pace to my usual reason for heading there, the Dirty Water Club. Anyhow, Harry, and the boys and girls swung till they couldn't swing no more. Looking forward to their next gig, at Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury.

Ivan loves Limey

Katie & Jo's Dad, Ivan hit town last week. He was worried as all his mates had told him that the English beer was "warm and shit". Obviously, as a loyal CAMRA member, I took it upon myself to disprove this theory. Combine that, of course with the history lessons that are to be gained just from sitting in old pubs, and I think Ivan has now been well and truly indoctrinated into London in the springtime. To the degree where he's now on first-name with all the staff at the Shakespeare.

Oh yeah, we looked at some historic (non-pub) stuff as well. In London, Oxford, and Greenwich. Check photos of it all right here.