Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My Birthday BBQ

The 25th of March 2005 saw my birthday and Good Friday coincide for the first time since 1932 (and it won't happen again until 2016). Of course, it was celebrated in fine style with a BBQ on the front steps of number 18. Despite my protests, people insisted on cooking red meat. Hopefully we atoned ourselves from eternal damnation by having Velvet Jesus watching above us (whilst sitting astride a bubble machine). The Brooklyn style front stoop BBQ idea I think is a winner. For complete authenticity, I think next time we will have to hire in some latin American kids to dance around underneath an open fire hydrant.

Anyhow, 'twas a great day, and there's some pictorial evidence here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Anti War Rally and a day in Kent

On Saturday, Katie, Jo and YT wento on the first anti-war rally for 2005. So nice of the Stop the War coalition to stop protests while it was a bit chilly. Shame Bush, Blair and Howard didn't stop the mayhem in Baghdad. Still, was a nice day, reasonable crowd, and we managed a couple of pints before and after the march.

Sunday, Katie and I grabbed an AVIS car and headed off to beautiful Kent. We checked out Battle, scene of the Battle of Hastings (and home to the bloke who sells BBQ'd lamb burgers at Islington Grower's markets..saved me from many a hangover), a couple of pubs (!!), and the quaint seaside resort of HAstings. KAtie especially taken with the seaside amusement pavilions. And the real live chavs. Klart!

As usual, there's some pics right here.

Trip to Portreath

Grabbed a Ryanair luxury flight to Cornwall about three weeks ago, to see Duncan, Jeannie, Jonnie and Tanya. Much hilarity, drunkeness, beautiful coastline and clotted cream obviously ensued. Check it out.