Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding: The final few days

Katie and I are jetting off to Sydney tomorrow to get hitched. The last few weeks have absolutely flown by, and now the anticipation is building to record levels. We had a few drinks at the Republic on Sunday afternoon with friends & family, I finished burning the music for the ceremony, background and party sections of Saturday. It seems like the weather is going to be balmy, with a slight chance of a late shower. Very bloody late I hope.

And Katie collected her dress from Sandra:

She is quite excited. "Quite excited", in the same vein that Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch are in "a bit of trouble". Or Brendan Nelson " slightly underestimated his popularity amongst his parliamentary colleagues".

Next step is to get the dress onto the plane as hand luggage. Glad we ain't going JetStar!

Watch this space (as time permits).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Up on the dry

Was driving past the Domain Slipyards the other day, when I noticed that two of the oldest vessels still floating on the Derwent, the May Queen and the Cartela were both out of the water for maintenance.

Friday, September 05, 2008

End of swine

After six days of leftover meals (pork fried rice, sandwiches, pork, pesto n pasta, etc, etc) and general picking at what was left of the spitroast swine wot we cooked at my buck's weekend, last night I chopped up the final Kg or so and bunged it into a couple of Melton Mowbray style pies. I used this recipe, and I must say the end result is bloody awesome. I left them overnight, and injected the chicken stock and gelatine this morning. Couldn't find any lard for the pastry, but butter seems to suffice OK (and my heart thanks the butchers of Hobart for not stocking it).

I might have to spread the love around the inner west this afternoon.

An interesting angle

Looking over the Railway Roundabout, ABC Centre and Lower Domain from the crane on the Menzies Centre construction site. Pic by ABC Hobart announcer Joel Rheinberger. Click on image for larger version.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A lunchtime ride

I went for a brisk lunchtime ride today with my mate Mike, who works in the CBD. We rode from the centre of Hobart, up the rivulet track, then up Macquarie Street, Cascade Road, past the brewery and up Strickland Avenue. I lasted about 1500 m past the brewery, while Mike carried on grinding uphill for another ten minutes or so. He commutes from his house, just before the start of the Pinnacle Road on Mt Wellington every day, so he should be bloody fit. I was pleased with how I went, considering the bike hasn't been getting much use lately.

Here's a pic of Mike on his way down, from where I conked out:
Click the image for full size.

There's not many capital cities where you can get surroundings like this on a lunchtime ride from the office. He was back at his desk by ten past two, after a one o'clock departure.

Now I'm off to find some lard to make pork pies with the leftovers from my Buck's Weekend. Watch this space.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Thirsty Camel Bottleshops natiionwide are running a 100% cashback promotion with Mercury Cider around their new "Artisan" style of cider. The offer's open on all purchases until next Sunday. I'm trying a bottle of the stuff now, and it really isn't too bad for a flat out commercial cider. Definitely very appley, and low on the fizz.

I'd say its absolutely worth a try, especially at the price.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bux in 'Beena

The weekend just gone saw my Bucks weekend at Becher's family's shack in Nubeena. There were twenty odd of us, drawn from Tasmania, NSW, the ACT and the UK. Dave, Becher, Ben, Nick and I advanced partied it down on Friday afternoon,and set up the facilities, namely Dave's 10x10 metre marquee from hell, which blocked the breeze, and stopped it from raining quite admirably. From then on it was drinkin, fishin, bakin, eatin, cooking the 36 kilo pig, etc.

All in all, a fantastic see ya later from bachelordom from a great bunch of mates. Here's Simon's blog's tale of events, and some other photo links: