Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cider weekend

The good Rev Simon and myslef took a trip recently to the Forest of Dean, where we crushed and pressed apples and drank some of last years' produce. Twas a great weekend, and there should be a cider party round ours in about October '05. Menatime, I've got some snaps sitting on this page. You can find some of Simon's here, and Calvin, another scrumpy adventurer has posted some here (beware of the long drop toilet photo on this one...he's a plumber, so has no natural sense of replulsion towards this kind of stuff).


the keeper said...

I was paticularly interested in the long drop toilet picture. May I ask what effect rough cider has on the acidity in the chamber?

tassieblather said...

It was quite steamy considering the amount of red meat that was going in on top of the scrumpy.