Monday, October 18, 2004

We had an election, well kinda sorta

Well, the forces of evil have increased their majority in the sunburnt country. Despite best efforts of all and sundry, the ALP suffered what the press have called a "train wreck" election defeat. Well, now Australia will have to bear the brunt of an all powerful conservative government. Howard is now Menzies.

I co-ordinated the campaign for the ALP UK Society, with the able assistance of a fantastic team. If London reflected the mood of the country, it'd be the Latham Labor Government about to be sworn in. Unfortunately, it didn't reflect the mood of the country at all. Amazing what looking at the place from the outside does to you.

Anyhow, there's some random pix from the UK Campaign here and here. Simon took some photos at the joint ALP/Green (yes, we'd rather be with them than Family First, preference cutters!) election count party that was held in Soho. His snaps are right about here.

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