Saturday, December 10, 2005

Once was Leatherwood

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey is the only food product I have seen on Supermarket shelves in the UK that uses an Australian state's name as a sales tool. Go to Sainsbury's supermarket site (the Woolworth's of the UK) and type TASMANIAN into the search bar. Try that with any other state. Closest is one bottle of South Australian red wine (yes, you can buy booze at the supermarket over here, and, since last week, the pubs don't shut at eleven anymore!) Further evidence of the strength of the Tasmania brand as an accepted byword for clean, pristine, unadulterated, etc.

What a shame the Tasmanian Government and their woodchipping cronies are doing all in their power to taint, sully and otherwise invalidate that priceless reputation.

Read how the industry is being decimated on the Tasmanian Times website.

Also, there's some coverage on the ABC site.

Ray Direen, a former Leatherwood beekeeper, at the Bennett Road coupe.

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