Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Finally, a flat white in London..shame about the temperature

Well, at last there's a cafe in Soho that understands the term "flat white". That's the name of the cafe, so you'd hope they would. Run by some Australians in the Berwick Street Market. I went there this morning to test them out. They were trialling an apprentice, and the governor was watching him like a hawk. "I'll mark you out of ten" he said. I gave him seven for presentation, four for fullness of the cup, eight for quality of the coffee and three for temperature of the drink (ie it was luke warm...tho maybe they're from Melbourne). That's twenty two out of forty. I'll give them one more go, but at £1.50, I'm expecting better next time.

POST SCRIPT, 17.1.2006. Went back to Flat White this morning on the way to work. Coffee good, right temperature. Barrista (Cameron?) inattentive, answered mobile while making my coffee, and the price has gone UP THIRTY PENCE to £1.80. This would now have to be one of the more expensive coffees in Soho. I won't be going back.

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