Friday, July 21, 2006

The Thirsty new Commodore

GM-H have just unveiled their new Commodore to a slathering Australian press. Apparently it's the "most powerful ever". Of course, most powerful ever inevitably means heaviest drinker. Holden's spindoctor in chief has pooh poohed the inevitable criticism of such a move thus:

".....Holden executives, meanwhile, seemed oblivious to petrol prices. The first three cars on display were V8s and the company quickly rattled off power figures for their V6 and V8 engines, the most powerful ever in a Holden.

"A car is a massive emotional statement," said Holden's executive director of sales and marketing, Alan Batey. "The difference [in the cost of petrol] is two beers a week."...."

It's a funny old world. At a time when most countries are doing that little bit more to conserve what's left of our natural resources, good old Holden releases the dinosaur burner of dinosaur burners......I guess an electrically powered version's out of the question.....

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tassieblather said...

Henry by name, Henry by nature.