Monday, January 29, 2007

A quick hop to Kent

Ever since we went to the Faversham Hop Festival, I've wanted to get a couple of strings for the yard here at Pyrland Road. I found out that new plants are only sold between December and April, so Katie and I went down to Essentially Hops in Bekesbourne near Canterbury. They had four varieties of plants for sale. We grabbed two of the dwarf (Prima Dona) variety, as we don't want thirty foot vines covering the house. Apparently they'll grow to twelve foot in a season, and we may get some flowers this season, but definitely will do next, once the roots are established. Watch this space for the first brew (Potential names please....Poison Dwarf??)

On the way down, we called into Canterbury Cathedral, which is well worth a visit. We managed to time it with the end of the 11.30am Sunday service, so we got to hear the organ and choir in full action. Historical highlights of the cathedral include the spot where Thomas a'Beckett was assassinated by the followers of King Henry II (as a result of a comment by the king that was taken out of context, so legend has it). Most impressive tomb in the building was that of Edward of Woodstock, aka "The Black Prince".

We had lunch in a quaint little Tudor Village called Elham. The pub (The Rose & Crown) was pretty cool and authentic. However, service standards really let the place down.
Maybe an aberration, as the reviews are mainly quite good.

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