Friday, May 25, 2007

Naples, here we come!

Katie and I are off to Napoli tomorrow morning for a ten day break in the land of sun, volcanoes and pizza. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pix while on the road...we'll see.

They're trying their best to dissuade us from our visit though:
  • There's been no garbage collection for the last ten days or so, as all the local landfills are either full or controlled by the mafia. Locals have taken to setting the alleged ten foot tall mountains of waste alight.
  • Air Traffic Controllers in Italy staged a 24 hour walkout yesterday. Apparently they're back on the job
  • I just read on the 'net that Naples Airport would be closed for three days from the third of June. We fly back on the fourth. I called Lufthansa to confirm. I was put on hold for five minutes. They then confirmed this was true (I think I was the first to let them know this was happening). when I asked them what the solution would be, they replied "we don't know, please contact the airline's desk at Naples Airport"....
Luckily, we've already bought some travel insurance. Sounds like it could be a wise investment for once...

Anyway, I'm sure once we get there, all will be peachy pie.

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