Thursday, August 30, 2007

The 200th post - We're engaged!

Hi all,

Katie and I went to New York last week as cohabiting partners. Upon our return, we're cohabiting FIANCEES! Yes that's right, I popped the question up on the eighty sixth floor of the Empire State Building. Luckily she said yes, as I'm sure I wouldn't have looked too pretty on the pavement had the answer been the other way. Obviously we're both wrapt, and looking forward to the next big day, whenever that may be. Watch this space!!

In other (not insubstantial) news, we're packing our bags and heading back to Hobart in early November. It's gonna be a big change in life, but obviously Australia and Tasmania offer things that you just can't get in London. Anyway, change is in the air in the great south land, and it seems that one of my major reasons for leaving in the fist place (John Howard and his flunkies) will be swept away for history to judge in the not so distant future. Anyway, big party at Pyrland Road on Oct 27. Mark it down now!

Anyway, there's some news, eh?


Anonymous said...

Woulda killed you to iron the shirt ;)

chris said...

congrats mate!!!!