Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God Save Our Gracious Queen

"God Save Our Gracious Queen"

Today I sung the above words at Islington Town Hall as part of my UK Citizenship Ceremony.

All very formal, with an address from Col. Kay, the Council's Deputy Lieutenant, an oath of allegiance to the Queen, acceptance of certificates and passport wallet, followed by a rousing rendition of The National Anthem.

Well, there you go, I'm now a dual citizen. Unlike Rupert Murdoch. Hah! Oh, and an avowed republican. Sorry, Queen.

Oh yeah, and a big shout to my Grandfather, Henry Plimpton...born 140 years ago in Hackney. Without him, I wouldn't be over here today!


Anonymous said...

jesus, you could have worn a tie, bloody republicans, next thing you will bee telling me you drink real ale!

Anonymous said...

There goes your career as a politician in Australia!