Wednesday, November 21, 2007

AC Butchery - A great logo destroyed

When I lived in Sydney, I sometimes went to a great Italian place in Leichardt called AC Butchery. Apart from their fabulous meats, smallgoods and snags, they had a fantastic logo, which was a cartoon of a laughing cow going through a meat grinder, with sausages emerging from the other end of the grinding machine (see first photo). I used to have a fridge magnet of the logo.

Katie and I were driving along Norton Street the other day, and I spotted the shop. I jumped out of the car and ran into the shop, asking if they still had the fridge magnets. They didn't have any, and in fact the logo has been modified where the grinder and emerging sausages have been replaced by...a serviette! Seems the shop was being harrassed by anonymoous callers, death threats and red paint splattered on their windows...I mean, its only a bloody cartoon!

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