Sunday, April 13, 2008

Burger Off! The Housewarming Party

3 Bonnington Road was well and truly warmed last night with the inaugural "Burger Off!™" Burger cookin comp. The idea: We supply the buns n extras, you supply your own take on the hamburger pattie. There were many bloody good takes on the humble burger. Honorable mentions include:

  • Richard for his Chicken Diavlo (evolved from his days at Solo Pasta).
  • Kev for the prawn, pork and water chestnut served with sweet chili sauce.
  • Katie's beef n herb a la St Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.
  • Duncan's Garlic n Rosemary Langers, served with a thick Cornish accent.
  • Jennifer's Beef and home grown Knocklofty vegetables.
  • One word: Brazburger.
  • Caroline, the Queen of Quinceburger.
  • Tim's steamin Habanero.
  • Mark and Lisa's star burgers deluxe.
  • Mary's "Flashing Mao" Patties of the People.
All of which wouldn't look outta place down at the Lansdowne Cafe, or in fact would be a bloody good deal better than what they were serving up at the Derwent Valley Festival last weekend. Unfortunately, not much in the way of marsupial was served up, but I do hear that Jenny and John have a freezer full of Skippy at Lauderdale. Can't wait.

But, premier prize has to go to Harry for his Terriaki Beef and Chicken, complete with cheese,PRE FRIED EGG, and olive reamed skewer to hold the construction together (which I managed to pierce my chin with). The exact recipe remains a secret, but I did hear there was more than a splash of sherry involved. And some in the burger too.

Anyhow, I thoroughly recommend the Burger Off! Party concept. In fact, contact me for your local franchise kit. Fees negotiable.

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