Saturday, May 31, 2008

Afternoon on the Derwent

Rob & Tim & I took Rob's boat out from Geilston Bay this afternoon for a spot of Bream fishing. 'Twas great...I think the first time I've been out fishing on the river for quite some years. While my re-christened beginner's luck wasn't really up to what it shoulda been (ie I caught nothing), Rob managed to score first with a two pound plus Bream.

Tim quickly followed with a (foul hooked) mullet, followed by a couplea cocky salmon and a couple of flathead. It was spurely a sporting trip...everything got thrown back...mainly cos it ain't safe to eat fish from the Derwent.

Anyway, great afternoon with a couple of beers, and as is only possible in Hobart, it was four hours from walking out the door to getting home.

There's some more photos of the voyage here.

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