Monday, January 19, 2009

Steve Irwin comes to town

The Sea Shepherd vessel, Steve Irwin docked in Hobart yesterday for five days to refuel and resupply after chasing the Japanese whaling fleet around Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (including Australian territorial waters).

I went up the top of my office building to take some photos today, and noticed there was a queue waiting at the gangplank. I went down there, and the crew were taking the public around the ship. I tagged along and had quite an informative half hour tour. It's certainly a tight little vessel, and at 35 years old, not the fastest or the easiest to maintain in the world.

It was inspiring though, to see the dedication and keenenss of the crew to do their bit to make it as difficult as possible for the Japanese to get at the animals they so desire to slaughter. I gave them a small donation to help them restock with rancid butter and other neccesities.

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