Thursday, June 04, 2009

Steve Fielding is a Moron

For those of you who missed it, click here to watch Senator Steve Fielding being interviewed by Tony Jones on last night's (June 3rd) ABC Lateline.

Steve is on a mission to further understand global warming. How did he do this? He travelled to Washington, attended a Climate Change Denier's conference, hosted by a the Heartland Institute, a Republican "Think Tank".

Click here to read the ABC's account of the preamble to the conference, featuring such luminaries as US Senator Dana Rohrabacher. His jape at the start of the Quack's and Flat-Earthers' love in: " I do know a little bit about science. I know there are protons and neutrons, electrons and morons..."

Today, our man in the States will be "...meeting Obama's administration" (read: more than likely the President's Climate Change Office's Intern) to try and balance the story from both sides.

"I'm an engineer, Tony, and I suppose that looking at both sides is pretty important...". Well, fuck me Steve, good on YOU.

Be thankful, Australia. Senator Steve will save us all. Or (literally) send us into the deep fryer.

Be more thankful for Tony Jones (" are you gonna go into the White House and actually have a devil's advocate debate with the White House experts, with the scientists who are advising Barack Obama, putting to them what you've heard at this sceptical conference and arguing the toss with him?") for exposing Fielding for the simpleton he really is.

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