Monday, December 14, 2009

Butcher's Apron Must Go

The Sunday Tasmanian didn't publish my letter regarding a new Tasmanian Flag, as raised by State Labor MP, Lisa Singh recently.

So here it is:

Why stop with removing the red lion passant from the Tasmanian flag (Flag Your Ideas, SunTas 6.12.2009)? It won’t truly be a new flag until the Butcher’s Apron in the top left corner is consigned to the dustbin of history.

Let’s have a state flag that is forward looking, unique and truly represents the Tasmania of today, not an irrelevant carbon copy from an age of cowtowing to a now expired empire.

Scott Plimpton

West Hobart

It's rubbish!


AHL said...

Wow, I never knew what the Tas flag looks like. Yes, it does suck!

Unknown said...

How about a Tassie Devil holding a trident as a riding crop & seated on top of a tassie tiger? Perhaps racing across the southern cross?

Ian Watt said...

Mr Plimpton,

'Butcher's Apron' is a very pejorative term for the Union Jack. As someone who has moved to Tasmania from the UK, I find it very offensive!

Whilst I respect your desire to see the Tasmanian flag be more representative of the State, I believe you can do that without insulting a nation that has played an integral role in making Tasmania what it is today!

Anonymous said...

I can understand why Mr Plimpton's letter was never published; it adds nothing to the debate and as far 'ahl' who says the flag 'sucks' ...well if he or she did not know that we had a State flag after all this time, then all what is showing is ingorance.