Friday, June 11, 2010

Penelope Frances Plimpton

Our beautiful daughter Penny has arrived She was delivered by Caeserian on June 10 2010 at 10.49am, two weeks early.

She's weighed in at 4.09 Kg and is absolutley stunning. Both Katie and Penny are doing great. It was very hard to leave them tonight, but both seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

Thanks to all at the Queen Alex Ward, Royal Hobart Hospital. Yay Public Health!

There will be a lot more written about young Penny and her family from hereon in.

There's an album of photos from her first day here.

Think I need to sleep now.


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Ivan said...

She's here at last! And a real beauty. Yes I know she looks like Scott. I'd just point out that all babies look like Scott. Can't wait to get down to Tassie to see her.