Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Vale Norman Hetherington

The man behind Mr Squiggle has sadly passed on.

I had a brief interaction with Norman Hetherington on the letters pages of the Sydney Morning Herald back in December 2000. Paul Barry had interviewed Howard appointed MD of the ABC, Jonathan Shier on Media Watch. As a direct reaction, Media Watch was pulled from the airwaves:

I nominate Mr Squiggle as Paul Barry's replacement. Mr Shier should have no problem pulling those strings for his own benefit.

Scott Plimpton , Munich, Germany, December 1.
His reply:

We are the creators of Mr Squiggle and we think Scott Plimpton 's suggestion (Letters, December 2) that Mr Squiggle should replace Paul Barry on Media Watch an interesting idea.

Thank you, Scott, but no.

Mr Squiggle, like so many other Australians, loves his ABC, and is most unhappy with the direction it is taking these days.

Things are much better organised on the Moon.

Norman and Margaret Hetherington,

Mosman, December 2.

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