Thursday, June 22, 2006

In Stuttgart

Hey there, we´re all in Stuttgart waiting for the mighty Socceroos' third qualifier against Croatia. We went to the Fan Zone in the town square last night, whch was excellent. There was a bit of a Croatian\Australian fan standoff on the Town Hall steps after the game. I reckon it will be reasonably tense there tonight......The great thing about this World Cupü thingo is that they´re not trying to rip you off, eg beer and food is generally about the same price and quality as it is everywhere else. Stuttgart beer is obviously not as good as the mighty Bavarain Helles und Weisen, but at €4 for half a litre, we're still not complaining. Weather has been bloody hot..have been swimming just about every day, from the rivulet that streams theru the English Garden in Munich to beautiful Alpine Lakes near the Austrian border, to a place we found yesterday called "Autobahn See", which was basically a quarry used for the autobahn that was now a lake.....
Anyway, just dropped into this webcafe to check mail and get a bit on the blog. Forgot my disc of photos, so that will have to come at a later post.
Great times being had by all,

Auf weidersen.

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