Monday, June 12, 2006

Voxpop: Braz

Edition 1 -SAT 10 JUN 2006, Page B02

With Mid-Winter Festival co-ordinator Andrew Brassington.
What are you most passionate about?
Physical theatre and, in particular, circus. It crosses a boundary that's called The Fourth Wall, so you can use people from the public in your show.
What can't you live without?
Coffee. It's part of my life. A nice latte or flat white is a habitual thing in the morning.
What song always gets you dancing?
Burn Hollywood Burn by Left Field. It was my first fire-twirling song. I love the bass.
What are you reading?
An Iain Pears book, The Last Judgement. It's a crime fiction set in Rome about the Italian police squad.
Favourite film?
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The visual effects and physical movement are fantastic and all woven in together with a love story -- well, a romance that cannot be.
Favourite patch of Tasmania?
The Western Arthurs. There's an amazing walk you can do there. Just the sheer ruggedness . . .
What's your biggest indulgence?
Costumes. As a performer you use many costumes and it's fantastic. I can't do without my sequined trousers.
What do you always get enough of?
Renovating -- too much! I want it over with. It's been going on for two years.
What do you never leave home without?
It's a boring one, I'm afraid: my mobile phone. Oh, my juggling balls are always in the back of the car, too.
Favourite trashy TV show?
West Wing. It's semi-trashy. I like the power movement of the people and it has a very clever script.
What do you eat when no one is watching you?
Egg-and-bacon rolls. I'm at home renovating, so no one is around to watch!
One word other people might use to describe you?
Energetic. I've just always had that buzz for life and lots of energy.
What dish do you make best?
Rendang curry, beef. Asian food is just fantastic. I love really hot food.
Most romantic thing you've ever done?
New flowers in the house and cooking dinner.
Any unfulfilled ambition?
To travel to South America.

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