Friday, April 13, 2007

Travolta: Is a new renaissance (in oblivion) on the way?

From this:
Virgin Radio, (Christian O'Connell, how do you feel?) to which I have the slight misfortune of listening to most days (hey, it ain't 6Music, but it certainly isn't the wrist slashing numbness that is Heart) has been plugging the absolute bejesus out of the latest John Travolta vehicle, Wild Hogs. Along with a relatively humiliating appearance on Jonathan Ross and a "mystery mechanical problem" with his personal 707, the publicity machine has been running overtime. Well, the reviews have hit the papers now, and surprise, surprise, it's no Wild Hog, more like a lame dog.

It's also a shame to see William H Macy relegated to such turgid Disney dross.

I'll let Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian give it his single star best......

....To this

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