Monday, April 02, 2007

The Fall - Last stand @ Hammersmith Palais

Dave, Chris, Hanesey, Pandora, Andrew and myself went to the Hammersmith Palais last night to watch Mark E Smith and The Fall. The place was rammed, as it was the last night before The Palais, London Music institution closed forever. the bulldozers move in mighty soon to reduce it to be replaced by an office block and restaurtant (probably Starbucks). Anyhow, the gig was great, Smith was incoherent. The band (all yanks now at the moment, apart from his wife on keyboards/vox, who is from Romania) were amazingly tight. There was a one number encore, before Smith announced "Thank you for allowing me access to your secured area" and left the stage. Unlike other venue closedowns, the crowd then filed obligingly and quietly out of the building that has seen many thousands of acts for the very last time. There's a few more pix on smugmug.

Next act: Jim and the JCB's


Unknown said...

Hi. Thanks for offering two of your photos for the Hammersmith Palais article on Wikipedia.

I've had a look and I like the look of and

What license are you letting us use them under? We'd need something like Creative Commons BY-SA. There's a stock email I can send you asking for permission.


tassieblather said...

Sure thing, send me the licence agreement.