Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ingrid's Edinburgh Show

My mate Ingrid is taking her show "The Pharmacist" all the way from Hobart to Edinburgh for the 2007 Fringe. If you're heading north at all during August, make sure you go and see the show:

The Pharmacist – a cure for all ills?

“Splendidly performed…numerous well differentiated roles...” – The Mercury

"..a richness and density of observation on Jane Russell's part..." The Mercury

"The Pharmacist honestly charts people's struggles to overcome pain with great wit, sharp observation and terrific performance from one of Australia's great upcoming talents." - Is Theatre Ltd


Venue: Sweet Grassmarket (Venue 18) City 2

Times / Dates: 4.30 PM 13 - 27 August

Duration: 50 mins

Prices: £7.50/£6.50

Booking details (Online / Phone): 0870 2410136

Everyone experiences pain. Everyone’s pain is different. How do people deal with pain of the body and pain of the mind? And does one cause the other?

The Pharmacist, written and performed by Jane Russell and directed by Ingrid Ganley, tells the story of a week in the life of a pharmacist and many of the people who come into her chemist.

Customers range from hypochondriacs and addicts to more pragmatic customers and alternate ‘self-healers’. These visits are punctuated by a call from the ubiquitous drug company representative and flashbacks to her university pharmacy professor.

Jane Russell plays all nine remarkable characters in this 50-minute tour-de-force.

Based on Jane’s own personal experience working in Melbourne and Hobart Pharmacies the characters are inspired by the people Jane met seeking relief. It highlights society’s “quick fix” mentality and the idea of finding happiness in a bottle…


Anonymous said...

My two cents' worth is that you should definitely try to see The Pharmacist, if you can. Jane Russell is brilliant and the show is very tight and well-conceived, not to mention funny!

Anonymous said...

Dear Euroblather...

This is quite a roundabout email...but I'm trying to get in contact with Jane Russell about her one woman show THE PHARMACIST.

Might you have a contact email where I could reach her? Or her director?

I am a Pharmacist myself ( in Sydney) ...but have gone into animation/filmmaking...and am curious to talk with her about her piece...

Best to you,

And thanks in advance for any help.

Jack Feldstein