Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Don & Christine's wedding

Well, we thought nuthin could beat the Chav Wedding engagement party back in November 2005, but Don & Christine sure pulled one out of the hat for their big day. A mini festival on a farmers field in Cambridgeshire, complete with big top, a pub housed in an ex-air raid shelter, beautiful camping beneath the acorn trees, hog and lamb and ducks roasted on the spit, two barrels of realale, a couple of bands, numerous DJ's, and friends and family from pretty well every continent on this planet (and maybe one or two from neighbouring stratospheres as well, just quietly), and a PORK PIE WEDDING CAKE.

Topped off by a low-level buzz compliments of a couple of WWII fighters from the airshow next door just as the rings were exchanged, it was definitely the Madras road party to end all Madras road parties. Big time congrats to the radiant bride and dashing groom...we can't wait for the Oz instalment.

There's some pix of the party here (we didn't manage to take that many before getting carried away with proceedings), and there are some posted on Don's Facebook page....if anybody has any more, I will gladly upload and/or link them...drop me a line.

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