Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Chef Rules the Laksa Roost

The 'Chef & The Soup

I was up in Sydney today, and as is my habit, I got off at Central, and immediately paid a lunchtime visit to Happy Chef in the Chinatown Sussex Centre Foodhall.

Martin introduced me to the 'Chef a good fifteen years ago now, and their laksas have well stood the test of time. I've written about them once before on this blog, back in the dim dark, pre-blogger version of my ramblings, now sadly lost somewhere in cyberspace. My fave is either the seafood or seafood wonton laksas....heavy on the seafood, heavy on the coconut, pretty good on the chili (see last photo). And a decent serve to boot. All for a very reasonable nine bucks. A great feature of Happy Chef is their clothespeg based system of kitchen ordering. Sheer restaurant genius!

The Pegs and The Pleasure

My only gripe is with the Sussex Centre bar/drinks counter. It seems they are the only place allowed to sell non-food liquid in the food hall. And at $3.20 for a bottle of ginger beer, they certainly do exploit it.

While in London, I subsisted on the C&R Cafe in Rupert Place, Chinatown. While their laksas were great, and a welcome addition to my rota of lunchtime choices, they just don't come into the same universe as my mates in Sussex Street.

Now, the hunt is on for a suitable laksateria (?) in Hobart. Any suggestions?

Chili aftershock

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