Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Robertson Pie Shop

Mmmboy. Real Robertson good.

On the way down to Wollongong earlier today, we stopped off at the Famous Robertson Pie Shop. With many awards plastered over their wall, we knew it was gonna be a landmark day on our pie tour of SE Australia.

First cab off the rank was the Steak and Kidney for me, and the Potato for Katie:
Both impressed on first bite. The kidney was cooked perfectly, in a good gravy and steaming hot. Katie enjoyed her spud special, but I think remains a loyalist to the regular beef. Not to be deterred, ding ding and round two for me was the chunky beef, with Katie choosing a fine custard tart, complete with smiley cinnamon face (gday Ben):
The beef was great, but I must admit I preferred the mixed texture of the S&K. Pastry great all round...a real pie crust..not too buttery like some of the patisserie style pies we've sampled (Jackman & McRoss...most frustrating..fell apart and had to eat with cutlery!). Katie's tart o'custard was delicious, custard very wobbly, but disintegrated when handled.

All in all, I'd say an eight out of ten for the Robertson Pie Shop. Call in and say g'day!

PS dunno what they put in their pies, but half an hour later, I'd sprouted a new hairstyle and a real bad attitude:

Or maybe it was just the Wollongong sea breeze.

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