Friday, February 29, 2008

Phone backups are worth their weight in gold

I'm up in Sydney to go on Martin's Bucks weekend on a Hawkesbury River Houseboat, and won't be back in Tassie until next Thursday.  When I fired up my phone off the plane in Sydney, it had died.  Become an ex-phone.  Kaput.  Luckily, I've been backing up the data, messages, pictures, etc on it using My Phone Explorer, some shareware specifically for Sony Ericsson phones.  I called Dad, who exported and emailed my phone numbers as a csv file, and lo and behold I'm back in communication (thanks also to Martin for lending me his spare handset).  I can't recommend My Phone Explorer enough.  It's so much more friendly than Sony Ericsson's own software.

Anybody got an old Sony Ericsson handset they don't want?

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Unknown said...

Bollocks to that. Backup over-the-air!