Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Shack

Tassieblather is back on the air!

Katie and I just had four days down at Becher's family's shack at White Beach, on the Tasman Peninsula.

I've been going there for more than thirty years, pretty well ever since Becher and I have been mates. It's a great little place in a beautiful location.

It was cool just to have a few days away from Hobart, and most forms of communication (yay Vodafone and their very limited range on the Apple Isle!) sitting around and not doing much at all.

I tried my hand at depleteing the local Flathead population, alas with not even a bite. Managed to go for a swim and grab a few oysters, but.

PS it takes just over an hour to get there from the centre of Hobart!

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