Thursday, September 04, 2008

A lunchtime ride

I went for a brisk lunchtime ride today with my mate Mike, who works in the CBD. We rode from the centre of Hobart, up the rivulet track, then up Macquarie Street, Cascade Road, past the brewery and up Strickland Avenue. I lasted about 1500 m past the brewery, while Mike carried on grinding uphill for another ten minutes or so. He commutes from his house, just before the start of the Pinnacle Road on Mt Wellington every day, so he should be bloody fit. I was pleased with how I went, considering the bike hasn't been getting much use lately.

Here's a pic of Mike on his way down, from where I conked out:
Click the image for full size.

There's not many capital cities where you can get surroundings like this on a lunchtime ride from the office. He was back at his desk by ten past two, after a one o'clock departure.

Now I'm off to find some lard to make pork pies with the leftovers from my Buck's Weekend. Watch this space.

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