Monday, September 01, 2008

Bux in 'Beena

The weekend just gone saw my Bucks weekend at Becher's family's shack in Nubeena. There were twenty odd of us, drawn from Tasmania, NSW, the ACT and the UK. Dave, Becher, Ben, Nick and I advanced partied it down on Friday afternoon,and set up the facilities, namely Dave's 10x10 metre marquee from hell, which blocked the breeze, and stopped it from raining quite admirably. From then on it was drinkin, fishin, bakin, eatin, cooking the 36 kilo pig, etc.

All in all, a fantastic see ya later from bachelordom from a great bunch of mates. Here's Simon's blog's tale of events, and some other photo links:

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naomi said...

I have never seen such Tasmanian scenes in my whole life, and I'm a Tasmanian! Who'd have thought Martin Cunningham could enjoy himself so heartily surrounded by roasting pig in the Nubeena wilds ...