Monday, February 23, 2009

A day up the Florentine

Pernilla, Don, Christine & myself went for a day trip to the Upper Florentine Valley the other day to check out some of the awesome Tasmanian wilderness, as well as the "Exclusion Zone" declared by Forestry Tasmania while they construct a road into the heart of the valley with the express aim of ripping out as much timber as possible. We met up with some of the "possums" camped up there under the "Still Wild Still threatened" banner, and doing their level best to protect the forest from the ravages of large scale, old school forestry. The structures, treesits and other assorted blockade devices are quite ingenious.

If you get the chance, go up there and have a's only 100km from Hobart, and will galvanise your opinion on what the Bartlett Government should be doing in terms of forestry policy.

The walk was fantastic. We must have traversed five different types of environment in an hour and a half, from reasonable rainforest with 80 metre high (at a guess) eucalypts to fern covered plains to the beautiful Florentine River. It's an easy walk if you're semi fit. Take some lunch and your camera. And some food for the people on the blockade...they'll appreciate it.


And if you want to see the rare Tasmanian Redneck (chainsawus fuckwittus) in their native environment, go for a beer at the National Park Pub.

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