Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old girl's going strong...

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Don't know when Dad took this first photo of Brent, myself and the James Craig at the Domain Slipyard, but the Tasman Bridge has been repaired, so that's betwen October 1977 and when the James Craig was towed to Sydney in 1981.

I took the second photo today, on Macquarie Wharf. Great to see her back in Hobart, in all her restored glory.


naomi said...

Brilliant photo - I remember her there, because my dad was part of the effort to haul her up from Recherche Bay to the Derwent, and so every time we saw her he would go 'there's the Craig'. Then I remember the efforts to reclad her, before they gave up, poured her full of concrete and dragged her to Darling Harbour. After that, I watched her being remade, then had the pleasure of seeing her anchored behind my dad's very own tall ship, at Darling Harbour. It's SO GOOD that she's been able to go home - one of the fastest and best ships ever!

tassieblather said...

Btw, here's a pic of Naomi's Dad's tall ship (The Windeward Bound) and one from Victoria, the Enterprize that I took yesterday as well:


Not a great photo, but the bit of Princes Wharf that provided the best vantage point was shut off due to the cruise ship that was tied up there.