Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Aberdeen AFL and Limey

A couple of weekends back, me n Katie trekked up to Aberdeen to visit Mel and Callum. Highlights included the Glenfiddich Distillery tour, Dunnotar Castle and Aberdeen's invigorating nightlife. There's a few pix on this page.

Big time yob fun was had last weekend at the annual AFL challenge match, held at The Oval. It really was ac ase of the lunatics taking over the asylum, with twenty odd thousand screaming antipodeans watching Fremantle and West Coast slug it out for four quarters. And slug it out they did.

Streaker count was zero, and the inevitable pitch invasion was a bit more subdued this year, perhaps because the Oval no longer lets you take in your own drinks. A pictodiary of some of the proceedings are here. We managed to score seats in the Members' Pavillion, which was quite chi chi (and the bar service very slow slow...it ain't cricket!). Nice to wander through the Long Room, etc which I guess would have been quite electric a couple of weeks ago when our boys lost the Ashes.

And finally (tho not neccesarily in chronological order) are some general pics of Katie and Scott's London, including an exhibition by Lucy Orta at The Barbican, some masterful cocktails at the Oxo Tower Bar.

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