Monday, October 31, 2005

Critical Mass-Cops back down

I'd like to personally thank Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, and his underling, Superintendant Gomm of New Scotland Yard for the publicity generated by last month's little flyering excercise, where we were threatend with arrest, torture and incarceration (perhaps) by taking part in what was deemed to be an "illegal demonstration". This excercise in futility obviously got the regular CM'ers rather more active than usual in ensuring that we made it a BIG one. And BIG it was. Police estimates were at 1200 cyclists, meaning it was probably more like 1500. Being the Halloween ride, lots of people ghouled up. Myself, Steve, Adam and Hannah were all part of the Ghostcycle team. We had three frames in tow, and generated a fair bit of interest in the website. All in all, a very succesful ride. Long may it continue. And, Superintendant Gomm, if you need a job in PR and event promotion, drop me a line!

There's some photos of the ride here.

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