Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hamburg for a wedding

Katie and I took off last weekend (via the rather nightmarish Ryanair/Stansted/Lubeck combo) for Hamburg, Europe's busiest port, home of Airbus, Lenz and the Reeperbahn. Main purpose of the trip was Sonja & Felix' wedding on Saturday. The ceremony was at Johanneskirche in the centre of town, followed by a ferry ride thru the canals and Alte (Hamburg's main lake), and finally onto the river Elbe for a reception on the tall ship Rikman Rikmer.

All manner of other stuff took place, including numerous meals, seven am nights on the Reeperbahn, a visit to one of the world's biggest model railway displays (complete with harbour with working tide and 60 tonnes of water..the control room wouldn't look out of place running central London...crazy), a sojurn on Lenz' yacht. 'Twas a bloody great time, and we've got some photos here.

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