Friday, March 24, 2006

Apologies for the break in firebombing

"They're only small trees that have no value as sawlogs"

Well, there's been basically no change in Tasmania's political makeup after last weekend's election. Lennon's "Labor" government was returned to majority power, the greens have probably lost one (and major party status), and the pisspoor libs may take the Education Minister, Paula Wriedt's seat.

And, apparently, the Monday after election day, Forestry Tasmania declared that the soil dryness index or some other such nonsense measurement was "perfect", and therefore firebombing of devestated logging coupes could continue unabated. Nothing to do with keeping the skies clear and the smoke out of voters' lungs during the campaign.

Well, Tasmanians, you voted for it overwhelmingly I guess. That's democracy.

Here's a report, and video footage of a current burnoff operation from the Wilderness Society's Geoff Law.

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