Friday, March 03, 2006

Things I don't miss about Australia

Shit beer


Anonymous said...

Meh. Was out with my cousin last night and his wife bought a Crown Lager at £2.60 or something. This in a Wetherspoons where you can get lovely ale for £1.65!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a bit unfair. As you know I am quite partial to the occasional pint of Speckled Hen, Old Peculiar, Pitchfork, Adnams Bitter, London Pride and thousands of others. Particularly when the outside temperature is 4 degrees or thereabouts. However right now I'm about to finish work in my un-airconditioned office, the outside temperature is cooler than inside, it's only about 38 degrees out there. I am going to the bowling club where I will savour two schooners of VB. Very nice they will be too.
Guess who??