Friday, March 24, 2006

The London Drinker 2006

Summer must be on the way, 'cos it's beer festival season again. A bunch of us went to CAMRA's London Drinker Beer and Cider festival at St Pancras Town Hall last night. The place was rammed and sweaty. A couple of firsts and lasts. Firsts- Nick and Sarah have now been broken into the fine world of real ale, and I'm sure will go out and preach the gospel to the good people of Tasmania. Lasts-Simon and Holly are buggering off real soon, and last night was more than likely their swansong CAMRA event before heading back to the land of Toohey's New, Swan Gold and ummm golden beaches :(. Weirdest beer of the night must go to the foreign beer that Nick chose (and John wound up drinking) that had a nose of kippers and bacon. Dunno the name of it, but will try and find out. Bizarre.

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