Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blots on The Landscape....

Steve has just launched blotonthelandscape.org where he is mapping the density of mobile phone masts versus that of alternative energy generators (wind turbines & solar installations, etc), and arguing that the two may as well be combined.

" I look out from the 8th floor, casting my eye across the skyline. It teems with mobile masts, a massacre of meccano abusing so many rooftops and I wonder why so few wind turbines are visible, when to my simple mind, it would be logical to erect turbines' [wind or photovoltaic cells] at the same time......."

He really needs people to get involved with this project. How? Simple. Take photos of any mobile masts and/or alternative energy generators (anywhere in the world), upload the photos and mark the location on the website's map using Steve's xml files. If you've got any problems, drop him a line to mail@blotonthelandscape.org

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