Monday, May 22, 2006

The Goode Knights of Battle.

Anne, John, Hanesey, Hannah, Katie and Scott all took the A-Team van (consumption= 4km/litre!) down to Battle, East Sussex for a bit of medieval recreation action. In the grounds of Battle Abbey (site of a bit of an altercation in 1066), we witnessed the third round of the 2006 Knights' Tournament, a day's competition between teams from the South, East, West and North of Merrie England in such time honoured sports as jousting, Falconry, and beating the shit out of each other with axes whilst dressed in full armour. It was great fun, though the West won unfortunately. My favourite horse was Hawthorn, and Katie's favourite knight was the bloke in black armour.

We camped at a great site just out of Battle town called Brake's Coppice. Fantastic catering was provided by Team Holliday, and entertaining lectures on the theraputic benefits of footcream were provided by Hanesey.

On the way back on Sunday we stopped in Rye for a pub lunch, which is a beautiful little harbour town with pebble-cobbled streets and really old pubs. Harvey's Best bitter was the main poison of the trip. All in all, an outstanding little jaunt. I think I'm gonna join a medieval recreation society. Don't tell Katie. There's a whole album of pics right here.

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