Friday, March 23, 2007

The potential tragedy for John Howard

By Michael Field:

"To understand why John Howard could become a figure of tragedy of Shakespearean proportions, his life story needs to be understood. The Liberal Party has been John Howard’s life. He joined the party about the time of his eighteenth birthday in 1957, and so he will have his 50th anniversary this year. The best indication of his commitment and that of his mother was an action taken by them in 1968 when he was still living at home. Howard was endorsed as the candidate for the state seat of Drummoyne. In order to enhance his chances, his mother sold the family home in Earlwood and rented a house with him at Five Dock, a suburb within the electorate. When his bid failed, John Howard and his mother returned to Earlwood, moving together to a house in the very same street that he grew up in.........."

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