Friday, March 30, 2007

A Snowdonic Odyssey.

Katie and I trekked off to NW Wales last weekend. We stayed at Mount Garmon View, a very good B&B (room 8/10, breakfast 6/ black pudding!) in Betws Y Coed, the accomodation centre of the Snowdonia district. Whilst we didn't do much trekking on Shanks' Pony, we certainly covered a fair few miles in the faithful Peugeot and checked out a shedload of stuff, eg a Slate Mine (interesting, but a bit twee), Conwy Castle (amazingly well preserved...crazy castle, crazy tour guide) and The Snowdonia Valley (spectacular). Not to mention the former Butlins Holiday Camp at Pwellhi where Dad was a Redcoat in the sixties. It's now an onsite caravan park.

As it was my birthday on Sunday, we went out for a slap up feast of Welsh fare at Bistro Betwys Y Coed. Some delicious lamb (see illustration) was the order of the night.

And, extra bonus, the weather was beaut!

Oh yeah, the cheese! Discovered a cheddar called "Black Bomber", which is the absolute don of cheddars....creamy but still very sharp. Haven't been able to find it in London yet. Also a mouldy soft one that the deli owner tried to stop me buying. I dug it, Katie wouldn't let it stay in the room, and it rotted the greaseproof paper it was wrapped in. Awesome!

Some pics of our adventures can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

heh, reminds me of the roquefort that you stunk out our flat with in paris ... and the restaurant ... and the Eurostar